Since 1982, we have dedicated ourselves to mastering the art of precision machining. From those manufacturing roots, we grew a vertically-integrated enterprise empowered to service the production needs of industries and markets worldwide.  Not only do we offer turnkey manufacturing capabilities, but with our team of engineers and product experts, we have also developed a suite of valve products that leverage the capabilities of our manufacturing platform.


Quality | Delivery | Value

These are the three tenets of our business.  Quality is driven by not only precise conformance to engineering specifications, but also steadfast repeatability under all production scenarios.  Making delivery requires the complete control of the organization such that all materials, expertise, and equipment all intersect at all coordinated instances, facilitated by information transparency throughout the organization.  Occam's razor, or the "law of parsimony" drives our principle of value; reducing unnecessary complexity throughout the enterprise, be it in engineering, operations, finance, technology, marketing, management, etc., enables us to provide our products and services to our customers in such a way so that they can not only compete, but succeed in their respective markets.

Quality, delivery, and value are the three most critical aspects of our business.
— Scott Hsia, President


Contract Manufacturing

  • Manufactured and delivered over 30,000 joints of sand screens used for the Troll and other fields operated by Statoil in the Norwegian Continental Shelf

    • Architected end-to-end production process

    • Engineered and built specialized machining, welding, testing, and inspection equipment

  • For over 35 years, supplied the largest oilfield service companies with manufacturing capabilities across a multitude of upstream products, including directional drilling, measurement while drilling (MWD), logging while drilling (LWD), well completions, etc.


  • For a chemical plant, we engineered and manufactured a Z2 valve capable of critical operation in an extreme high temperature (1450-degrees Fahrenheit) environment

  • For an oil refinery, we customized and manufactured 250+ Z2 valves, ranging from 2" to 6", and delivered the entire order within 150 days

  • For a chemical plant, we engineered and manufactured 8"x7"-900# 316SS Z2 valve with bespoke purge ports, capable of injecting and releasing steam to keep the media in a liquid phase


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